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Erika Garms, PhD - A Workforce Game-Changer

Erika Garms and WorkingSmarts work with bright executives who need their people to work, lead, and innovate smarter.

How do you unleash the best in your people in order to operate as a best-in-class organization? How can staff become more resilient to the continuous organizational shifts so that less friction, conflict, and inefficiency results?

Executives, managers and individuals using "brain-friendly" methods know how to manage their own reactions and behaviors, how to interact effectively with co-workers, and how to sustain the highest performance at work while still retaining energy and soul for your personal lives.

Sometimes it takes a costly “wake-up call” to recognize your teams, groups, even top leaders have “slipped” into ineffectiveness, creating burnout, low morale, lack of trust, confusion, and misaligned communications and strategies as a result. ...continue reading

Catapult organizational improvement and boost real employee engagement with research-based approaches that won’t waste precious time and resources.

Erika Garms has deep knowledge and broad expertise in the field of brain-based organizational performance and change, and can be your personal guide in developing talent and leading your organization in effective, sustainable change, the "brain-friendly" way. As a sought-after international speaker and consultant, her humorous, nurturing, collaborative approach has won the hearts and minds of her audiences. Her expertise in translating neuroscience research into practical application for immediate use accelerates her clients’ confidence and successes.

Erika Garms is the key to your brain-friendly workplace. Engage her to catapult your individual, group or organization-wide effectiveness.