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Erika Garms and WorkingSmarts work with bright executives who need their people to work, lead, and innovate smarter.

We’ll show you how to drive performance smarter, faster, and sustainably.

Have your staff or even some leaders slipped into ineffectiveness, burnout, or low morale?

Do you see lack of trust, confusion, and misaligned communications and strategies in your organization?

Do you want to help them focus, to unleash the best in your people?

Do you want your staff to be more resilient to the continuous shifts that cause conflict and inefficiency?

WorkingSmarts offers consulting, keynote speaking, assessments, and both online and live programs to build high-performing and healthy workplaces, where brilliance and creativity are supported, physical health is encouraged, positive mindset is rampant, and learning is paramount (“brain-friendly workplaces”).

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